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Areas of Expertise


Nutrition is fundamental to wellness. At your initial appointment I will review you current diet and help you make small but significant changes that will improve how you feel very quickly. A base of good nutrition will support other lifestyle changes and natural medicines that may be appropriate for you.

Lifestyle and exercise

While is might seem too simple to think a few deep breaths each morning could change your health the research shows this to be true. I will guide you with other simple changes or additions to your lifestyle that will help bring about optimal health.

Naturopathy and herbal medicine

Following an in-depth review of your current health position I will create a plan aimed to quickly bring you back to great health! As well as diet and lifestyle we may use herbal medicines and supplements to bring about these changes.

If the future we will be able to use this knowledge to help you with acute illness should you succumb to a seasonal flu or stomach upset for example.

My Approach

My Approach
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