Megan Craven

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist BNatMed, BMLS

Megan Craven is a degree qualified, registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist right here in central Whangarei. Her passion is working with clients to create an individualised health plan referencing the latest scientific research combined with ancient philosophies to bring energy and balance to their lives.

Are your hormones stressing you out? PMS/PCOS/Endometriosis? Would you like to understand the changes in your cycle as you approach perimenopause and menopause? Do you understand the relationship between your cycle, your thyroid and stress? Or is it depression and anxiety? Megan can help you to improve your hormone health, stress and anxiety. Give Megan a call today (Phone 020 4022 9501).

Areas of Expertise

Low energy, PMS, menopause, thyroid problems, depression and anxiety, IBS/IBD, chronic pain...

What is naturopathy?


Naturopathy involves the use of natural therapies to improve health and resolve disease.  Consultations aim to identify the root cause of symptoms and seek to treat the whole person. The combination of traditional treatments and modern science ensures naturopathy is a safe and effective way to improve health.  The attention to root causes means even recalcitrant disease can be resolved and the return to health is enduring.


Treatments may include supplementation, herbal medicine and nutritional advice combined with lifestyle interventions tailored to support your return to health.  In some instances, further testing may be required to help elucidate to origin of disease and to target appropriate treatment regimes.



Nutmeg’s Clinic is located at:

10 Kensington Heights Rise, Whangarei.

Phone 020 4022 9501

Appointments can be made by phoning the clinic at your convenience or emailing via the contact form below.
By arrangement appointments can also be via Zoom.

Consultation hours are:
•   Mondays 11am-7pm
•   Tuesdays 9am-5pm
•   Wednesdays Closed
•   Thursdays 9am-5pm
•   Fridays 9am-4pm

And Saturdays by appointment

15 minute phone consult to discuss your goals and see how I can help you achieve these --- Free

Initial Naturopathic Consultations – $150

Follow up consultations – $50

Initial consultation
During your initial naturopathic consultation (around 90mins), Megan will talk to you about your medical history, including relevant family history as well as your current diet and lifestyle. Please bring copies of any medical reports or recent pathology tests to your initial consultation.
The following week an appointment will be made to deliver your individual health care plan. This may include dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines and/or nutritional supplements. Megan always ensures you have a thorough understanding of how to implement the advice given.

Follow up consultations
Follow up consultations are usually at fortnightly, monthly or six-week intervals depending on the conditions being treated. These appointments are 45 minutes in duration and include reviews and ongoing health assessments and possible changes to your health care plan as required.

Nutmegs Natural Medicine Clinic

10 Kensington Heights Rise


Whangarei 0112


Phone: 020 4022 9501

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